Hi! Welcome to Purple Wall Shop! We are so glad that you are here! My name is Jessica and I’ve been married to my husband Richie since 2011. We have two precious yorkies that we adore named Gus (Cinderella) and Ellie (Up). We love ALL things Disney! We honeymooned there and we vacation there as often as we can! There is nothing better than when you walk through the train station tunnel, round the corner on Main Street & catch that first glimpse of the castle. It never gets old! In 2019 my dreams came true when I was finally able to meet my favorite character, Robin Hood! Oo-De-Lally!!

We recently started a 3D printing business and my husband, who is a graphic designer, designed a mouse shaped soap dispenser similar to the one that is sold in certain parks! We are so excited to add more products so make sure to check back often!